Spartan Ops? The world could always use more Sarah Palmer…

you are 100% correct my friend i love sarah palmer

Grunts. Flying, dying, exploding, farting, w/e. Grunts.

grunts are amazing specimens imo

maybe a gifset for each class in destiny? (i.e. hunter, warlock, titan)

ahhh i’m sorry but i only do halo related edits/gifs!! one day i might expand into other games but for now it’s only halo sorry :(( 

elaenorlamb asked: ellie williams or elizabeth comstock?

Both instances of the Arbiter saying “Were it so easy.” at the beginning and end of Halo 3, if you want! Otherwise, go have fun!

that was actually one of the first gifs i made when i started this blog haha 

anything else you would like??

more of noble team maybe?? i know i said that last time lmao but yeah :”’D emile’s my personal favorite tho ;v;

of course!! and i said this last time as well but noble team does not get enough love here on tumblr dot com 

buy a 3ds so i can play pokemon


i’m on spring break so does anyone have any requests??