Happens to me every 30 minutes it’s rather annoying

that’s probably longer than all the times i’ve ever been able to play these past two days combined

at least you get to finish one crucible game haha

I’ve disconnected a few times though my friend gets DC’d almost every 15 minutes.
It happens to me so much I can barely play. They seriously have to fix it. :)

@bungie @obama @god FIX THIS!! PEOPLE ARE DYING!!!

It was happening to me a TON on Friday and Saturday but less so today! And yeah it’s super annoying :(

it is monumentally frustrating to be continually dropped it just SUCKS

i tried playing today but i played for literally a less than a minute before i got disconnected and that was it for me i did not want to put up with that anymore 

ok question for those of you playing destiny on the xbox one: are you disconnecting often? like every 5 minutes? this has been happening since yesterday and i keep getting error codes bee, centipede or fly like what is the deal m a n 

Connor Kenway + appreciation post for thelastofcosima

You don’t know pride, you don’t know fear, you don’t know anything…

You’ll be perfect.

"We called it the Traveler, and its arrival changed us forever."

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